Comments about my work


Ilana Aviv Israeli master sculptor recognized for creating wall sculptures touching  in its sensuality, and innovative in its materials and technique, which brings about a resurgence of interest in the visualization  of desert landscape,  and its  association with the human spirit and soul and its complexity.

Her works are impressive, convincing, intriguing, and challenging the intellect. The amorphous ambient shapes, turn into layers of consciousness that takes the viewer far and deep in and off, its existence.  The works create a certain type of meditative atmosphere and serenity.

Dr. Anton Biderman


 “……..Love the textural aspect and sheer beauty of design in your work. That wall is spectacular…”.

 Barry Altman


“Some of our points of reference are similar—but I think you use landscape imagery to configure states of mind…”

David Maxim


“…I have always admired your uniqe talent. You have the vision and skills to make the ordinary mudane things to become objects of beauty. You richly deserve the accolades received in the last 2 rounds…”

Seshadri Sreenivasan


“…Fabulous idea on showcase. The light and the shape… That is a piece of art which make me think and the most important thing It doesn’t destroy me, but make my imagination work, and create smth new, I even feel like I want to paint now and to change smth in one of my current…”

Yulia Katkova


“… Your aesthetic choice [expressive minimalism—if you will accept that label for the moment] is quite lovely and fitting. I live in another desert [here in California] and find your work quietly effective and very beautiful. Almost something found yet formed with intention, which is the very nature of the art and life experience…”

Bob Leyba


“…your work is poetic and I wish you well in your artistic career. I especially like the piece titled Memories. It is amazing how architecture holds memory within the many layers and histories within its foundation. This is the same for the body as well – this piece creates a poetic and provocative metaphor. Blessings”

Katelin Dutton


“…When i look at your work at the pyhsical level it makes me feel brittle inside, timeless, lost-When I feel your work at the spiritual level, i feel infinate, the stone for me feel like a shell cracking at the edges from an elemental power within. I feel like i am looking at fossils of power and when I connect it makes me feel ancient…”

Justin Griffin-Zuniga


“…As everyone is aware, that concrete is a difficult medium to work with. But, seeing your works, the tranquility they provide they provide to sore eyes…its really exhilirating. The way you have handelled your medium is awesome. And the thought behind each work is self-inspiring…”

Shiladitya Verma


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