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I am a sculptress who creates outdoor sculpture and stone-like wall sculptures.  The   wall sculptures are usually inspired by desert landscapes, however very straight and “engineered” lines may also be found in my works. My sculptures blend in as unique elements in the design of open spaces, walls and pillars.

In my works I combine lighting and sometimes multi-coloredness using a technique that I developed.  The design possibilities are almost endless; there is no limit on size, volume or scope.

My works can be found in hotels such as the foyer of the Hilton events hall, in   luxurious homes, and in lobby of office buildings. 

Each work of art is specifically designed with the customer and architect.  The work plan addresses all factors, such as the open space in which the work will be designed, the location’s lighting, expanse, character of the place and of the people in it, the desired atmosphere, budget and taste of the clients.  Each detail receives the maximum attention in order to achieve perfection.   

The intention of my art is a celebration of the human spirit. My purpose is to inspire, delight, energize and empower. May it touch you and uplift you. May it give meaning and pleasure to your life.

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