Sometimes we have to take a break from intense life,  in order to look for reasons and meaning for our being here in this place, this time, this human environment.

To understand our task we need to find out where we’re headed.

As we start, it seems that there are hundreds of ways and junctions, and there is a deep core, an origin from which we can go anywhere.

As we start to get deep we get some peace of mind, we can see that there

is no where  we have to go, no other place to be and that here and now is the right place and time to be .

There is only the now.

Something inside starts to open up, we find golden answers right

Underneath and inside……..

Materials: concrete pigments net gold 23.5 karat

You can buy “GUSHING” on ebay now

GUSHING by Ilana Aviv

GUSHING by Ilana Aviv



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