Knowhow- The way I creat my sculptures

Many times I find myself explaining how I make these pieces of art. How do I manipulate the materials to give me the image I need it to have at the end. So here is my process and it’s a secret so don’t tell anyone…

I start a work by being enthusiastic about some idea. I sit in my home kitchen next to the big dinner table with lots of white papers and

pencils, while listening to classical music and I start drawing several sketches . When I drew I fantasize the way my work will look like as a finished piece. When I find myself captivated by one of the sketches I take with me some fresh weeds to make good tea and I go to my studio which is  nearby.
First I prepare my sand by sieving it through a very densed mesh. Then I wet the sand and start to shape it according to my sketch, calculate the exact proportions so that the final work will match the sketch and I will get the same captivating effect that I got when I made the sketch. I usually use kinds of found objects that will give me the right effect that I’m looking for sometimes I have to prepare some elements that will get me the right shape. I actually prepare a negative mold in the sand.

ilana aviv prepares a mold

Making the sand mold can take between hours to days. In hot days I have to wet the sand constantly.
Than I prepare the concrete. When the sand mold is prepared, I start to pour the concrete very gently making sure that I catch every effect that I worked so hard to get, in the sand. Then I put the layers of the special net that enables the work to be strong and thin along with the concrete. The whole process can take weeks to accomplish.

Ilana Aviv is Watering the concrete

The interesting point is that I can’t see the final work until its finished and dry. I can only imagine how the work is going to look like. Sometimes the tension can drive me into revealing the work before its matured and dry and I damage my work. Such a work goes to the garbage and the whole process starts again.

So, What do you think ?


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